6g: The Next Horizon: From Connected People and Things to Connected Intelligence (Tong Wen)(Pevná vazba)

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The first book on 6G wireless presents an overall vision for 6G - an era of intelligence-of-everything - with drivers, key capabilities, use cases, KPIs, and the technology innovations that will shape it. These innovations include immersive human-centric communication, sensing, localization, and imaging, connected machine learning and networked AI, Industry 4.0 and beyond with connected intelligence, smart cities and life, and the satellite mega-constellation for 3D full-Earth wireless coverage. Also covered are new air-interface and networking technologies, integrated sensing and communications, and integrated terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. In addition, novel network architectures to enable network AI, user centric networks, native trustworthiness are discussed. Essential reading for researchers in academia and industry working on B5G wireless