A Military History of India Since 1972: Full Spectrum Operations and the Changing Contours of Modern Conflict (Subramaniam Arjun)(Pevná vazba)

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A Military History of India since 1972 is a definitive work of military history that gives the Indian military its rightful place as a key contributor to Indian democracy. Arjun Subramaniam offers an engaging narrative that combines superb storytelling with the academic rigor of deep research and analysis. It is a comprehensive account of India's resolute, responsible, and restrained use of force as an instrument of statecraft and how the military has played an essential role in securing the country's democratic tradition along with its rise as an economic and demographic power. This book is also about how the Indian nation-state and its armed forces have coped with the changing contours of modern conflict in the decades since 1972. These include the 2016 "surgical" or cross-border strikes across the Line of Control with Pakistan by the Indian Army's Special Forces, the