A Survival Guide for Stage Managers: A Practical Step-By-Step Handbook to Stage Management (Allison Mary Ellen)(Paperback)

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"This step-by-step, user friendly guide covers every aspect of stage management and can take any would-be stage manager at any level of theatre and turn them into an expert who will be the ultimate asset to your production." -Tom Paster, Director of Musical Theatre, Northern Highlands Regional High School, NJ "It's entertaining, informative and practical - a great resource for the "how-to" questions, and a terrific overview for anyone involved in the process of making theater." -Les Gutman, Producing Director, Friendly Fire Theatre, NYC Are you about to stage manage your first show and have no idea where to start? This book offers simplified guidelines for a complicated job and gives a step-by-step process for organizing auditions, rehearsals, the technical aspects, and performances. The author understands the pressures of the beginning stage manager and proceeds to calm