Advances in Celiac Disease: Improving Paediatric and Adult Care (Amil-Dias Jorge)(Paperback)

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This book provides a practical overview of the treatment and management of celiac disease. It examines new data which can be merged with clinical aspects to provide a global perspective for the busy clinician. The disease represents 1% of the population and often goes unnoticed for a long time; however, this book aims to reduce the instance of misdiagnoses of symptoms by providing clear guidance in a single book, with contributions from esteemed experts in the field. Advances in Celiac Disease - Improving Paediatric and Adult Care addresses the clinical characterisation of the disease, in both paediatric and adult populations. The clinical symptoms are clearly defined as well as treatment options and follow-up. This book will be an essential resource for clinicians seeking a clear, concise resource to identifying, treating, and managing celiac disease in both