An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System: A Tale in Four Lives (Richtel Matt)(Paperback)

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National BestsellerGives you all the context you need to understand the science of immunity. ... An Elegant Defense left me with [a] sense of awe." --Bill Gates, Gates Notes Summer Reading ListThe Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist explicates for the lay reader the intricate biology of our immune system (Jerome Groopman, MD, New York Review of Books)From New York Times science journalist Matt Richtel, An Elegant Defense is an acclaimed and definitive exploration of the immune system and the secrets of health. Interweaving cutting-edge science with the intimate stories of four individual patients, this epic, first-of-its-kind book "give[s] lay readers a means of understanding what's known so far about the intricate biology of our immune systems" (The