Being Taoist: Wisdom for Living a Balanced Life (Wong Eva)(Paperback)

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A beautifully clear and accessible explanation of how to live a Taoist life--by renowned Taoist master Eva Wong Taoism isn't a spiritual extracurricular activity, it's an integral practice for living all of life to the fullest. Taoist living rests on four pillars--the public, the domestic, the private, and the spirit lives. Not only do Taoists strive to live these four aspects fully and in a balanced way, they also believe there is an outlook and an art to each of them. Here, modern Taoist adept Eva Wong is your guide to living well according to the wisdom of this ancient system. Drawing from ancient Taoist texts, she explains in simple terms the Taoist masters' approach to the four aspects of life, asking readers to reflect on the balance of their own lives and demonstrating how that balance is the secret infusing your life with health, harmony, and deep satisfaction.