Believe Me (Mitchell Dreda Say)(Paperback)

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In this gripping thriller from the bestselling authors of Spare Room and Say Her Name, one woman's mysterious death has led to a lifetime of pain. Can her daughter find out why?While working on a property dispute, lawyer Gabby is shocked to discover a name more familiar than her own on the title deeds: her mother's. But her mother died twenty-five years ago from an undiagnosed illness at forty, leaving Gabby with more questions about the mysterious Ocean Haven than she can find answers for.Desperate to uncover the truth of her mother's connection to this house, Gabby begins to investigate, creating tension in her fractured and distant family. So when she begins to uncover the dark and disturbing history of Ocean Haven, is there anyone at all she can turn to?With her own fortieth birthday fast approaching, Gabby senses the onset of the same