Big, Bossy Problem (Monroe Lilian)(Paperback)

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Billionaire. Boss. Brooding grump.Marcus Walsh is one big problem. Life was perfect for an entire year.I walked a tech billionaire's dog twice a day, five days a week, without ever having to speak to another human. My business was booming. My routine was uninterrupted. Until. Until the door crashed open and Marcus Walsh became his niece's guardian.Until he needed an after-school babysitter, and fast.Until he bullied and cajoled me into accepting the position. Don't blame me; when I agreed to take the job, he'd just licked donut innards off the corner of my lips. I wasn't thinking straight. I just nodded my head like a good girl and told him I'd help him out.I didn't know the decision would cause such a cataclysmic problem in my life. See, Marcus is both grumpy and gorgeous, a dangerous combination for a girl like me. He takes my life and