Bipolar Disorder: A Guide to Understanding and Managing Bipolar Disorder (Allan Amanda)(Paperback)

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BIPOLAR DISORDERBipolar Disorder is an often severe, greatly misunderstood, and lifelong mental condition that is in simple terms considered to be an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs.The ups and downs on this roller coaster are called mania and depression. The extreme mood swings and the toll that they take can affect every part of someone's life. They affect their quality of sleep and their energy levels. They affect their attention and focus while causing the inability to think clearly, and consequently, affect their behavior and judgment.This book aims to educate the reader on the basics of Bipolar Disorder, including what the signs and symptoms are, how it's diagnosed, what the different treatment methods are, and what the outlook for someone with Bipolar Disorder is like.A Bipolar