Blood Will Tell: Volume 6 (Stabenow Dana)(Paperback)

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The Edgar Award-winning, New York Times-bestselling series by Dana Stabenow set in Alaska. Kate Shugak's family becomes involved in a murder investigation in Blood Will Tell.Fifty thousand square miles of untouched Alaskan forest is definitely a prize... but is it worth killing for?Ekaterina Moonin Shugak, tribal elder and community leader, is a fierce friend and an even fiercer foe. So when she arrives unannounced at Kate Shugak's homestead asking for her granddaughter's help, Kate knows there must be something seriously amiss in town. And her suspicions are confirmed when she arrives in town to find that two people are dead.It could be a coincidence, but Kate Shugak doesn't like coincidences; especially where family are concerned.Reviewers on Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak series: 'An antidote to sugary