Building Successful Extracurricular Enrichment Programs: The Essential How-To Guide for Schools and Communities (Cain Michael)(Pevná vazba)

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Building Successful Extracurricular Enrichment Programs is a must read for educators or administrators who want to develop, implement, and maintain engaging out-of-school programs.Accessible and easy to use, this book focuses on four basic approaches to building enrichment programs: grassroots, semi-structured, franchise, and fully structured. Readers will walk through each stage of the process, from conception, to fund-raising, to implementation and evaluation. Successful programs require significant, time, energy, and resources; this book makes what is often a very demanding process understandable and obtainable.With practical tools and tips to support every student, this essential guidebook equips teachers, administrators, and home educators with the step-by-step strategies to confidently design their own extracurricular