Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Those Who Say They Can't: A Workbook for Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Thoughts (Cohen Elliot D.)(Paperback)

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Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Those Who Say They Can't is a comprehensive aid for people who stifle their personal freedom, creativity, and autonomy by telling themselves they can't do things such as: take risks; make commitments; control their anger or fear; avoid intrusive thoughts; tolerate disappointment; accept challenges, make decisions, and more. This accessible workbook concisely explains how to identify, refute, and replace I can't with uplifting and liberating virtues. Worksheets include systematic exercises on coping with shame, rational-emotive imagery, reframing, mindfulness, behavioral planning, and taking risks. Each chapter tackles a particular type of self-defeating I can't and is complete with an assessment inventory that helps users/clients identify which chapter/s they need to work on.This workbook provides essential self-help for those