Disney Mickey Mouse: All Through the Day Music Player Storybook (Baranowski Grace)(Pevná vazba)

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Grab your music player and dance all through the day with Mickey and his friends in this fun storybook that includes 3 toys discs that play 15 original tunes! Mickey and his friends have some great days ahead of them in this Music Player Storybook that includes three stories! In the first story, Mickey and his nephews Ferdie and Morty go to the amusement park, but when Morty and Ferdie go their separate ways, Mickey can't find them anywhere! In the second, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto take an awesome rafting trip and find a baby bear who needs their help to reunite with his family. And finally, Goofy prepares to open his own pie shop, but Minnie is worried that the flavors he's planning to make are too strange. Young Mickey fans will love experiencing Mickey's exciting day in this interactive storybook that includes a toy music player and three discs that play a total of 15