Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age Study Guide (Butterfield Rosaria)(Paperback)

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Study Guide by Bestselling Author Rosaria Butterfield Confronts Our Culture's Biggest Lies about Womanhood and Sexuality In her powerful book Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age, Rosaria Butterfield uses Scripture to challenge 5 common lies about sexuality, faith, feminism, gender roles, and modesty that are often promoted in our secular culture today. This study guide, designed to be used alongside the book, invites individuals and groups to dive deeper into the key points of each chapter. Featuring chapter summaries, engaging questions, and Bible verses for further reading, the Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age Study Guide inspires women to preserve godly values around womanhood and offers guidance as they shepherd the next generation. Companion Study Guide: Includes questions and Bible verses for guided