For Love of Family (Bentley Terri Neunaber)(Paperback)

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When Lena Neubauer is sent from Germany to America to help her immigrant brother on his farm and with his young children, she never expects what awaits her in antebellum America. With family honor and devotion propelling her across to an unknown world, Lena soon finds herself stepping into this strange world where people are judged by the color of their skin and treated like animals. Aghast at what she sees in her new home, Lena seeks to find goodness in where God has led her to be. Lena meets Karl Muller on her journey to her brother's farm, and he introduces her to the ideas of senatorial candidate Abraham Lincoln, showing her that his presidency could change things for the better. The more time she spends with Karl, the more she finds herself longing to be a part of his world, but loyalty to her brother is keeping her from pursuing what her heart longs