Glad & Sorry Seasons (Chandler Catherine)(Paperback)

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The second full-length collection from sonneteer and formalist poet Catherine Chandler, Glad and Sorry Seasons brings together new suites of poems--on grief, recovery, the deadly sins, and the virtues of faith, hope, and love--to meditate on those polarities of light and dark, joy and sorrow, that illuminate and cloud our lives by turn. With subjects ranging from Alzheimer's to Edward Hopper's Automat, in handsomely crafted stanzas and metres, and including translations from Qu becois and Latin American poets, Glad and Sorry Seasons is a stunning and learned offering from a poet unmistakably committed to form. Waiting For the man in the Intensive Care Unit waiting room, H pital Notre-Dame, Montr al, June 2012 Some nights I've seena slice of silver slink across this roomI now call home, above my makeshift bed--a rickety