Gods of the Bible: A New Interpretation of the Bible Reveals the Oldest Secret in History (Biglino Mauro)(Paperback)

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A new interpretation of the Bible reveals the oldest secret in history.If you read the Bible literally, everything becomes understandable and plain because the biblical authors did not feel the need, as we do, to advocate for a precise monotheistic theological perspective or a moral authority of religious order. Through the pages of this book "God" will show himself in a light entirely unsuspected to most readers. The final portrait that will emerge will reveal the image of a character very different from what many of our readers are accustomed to. The Bible, falsifications and mistranslations From the necessity of harmonizing the biblical text with the theological and monotheistic conception of God of Western culture arises a whole series of falsifications and mistranslations, in view of which that first innocent printing typo I had discovered twenty-five