Grace for Purpose Prayers: Deepen your dialogue with the God of the impossible (Hope Hosiah)(Paperback)

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Whatever situation you find yourself in, there is a prayer in this book that will stir up your spirit so that you can draw closer to Jesus Christ and seek him more fervently.Repeatedly the bible calls for us to pray; pray without ceasing, to pray and not to give up, to be strong in prayer and continue steadfastly in prayer. However, the hardest thing for every Christian to do is to maintain a strong, vibrant and fruitful prayer life. There is no denying the reality that consistent, daily prayer is a fight. Nonetheless, this is a battle we must overcome if we are to grow and mature as followers of Christ. This book aims to strengthen every Christian who is struggling with their prayer life. May it be a resource that encourages you to pray during the days when prayer is a battle.Daniel 6:10: "Now when Daniel knew that the writing was