High Visibility (Blaze Orange) (Wright Jaclyn)(Pevná vazba)

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High Visibility (Blaze Orange) combines original images, performance, archival photographs and maps to show the impact of late capitalism and settler colonisation on the landscapes of the Western United States. Focusing on Utah's West Desert, Jaclyn Wright's work aims to illustrate the struggle between the natural world and its codification by bureaucrats, the visible and invisible and the ironies of fantasies of freedom and nativism on stolen land. Located on the western side of the Great Salt Lake, much of the West Desert, the ancestral home of the Goshute people, is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.The area is classified by the US Federal Government as 'public lands' yet significant acreage is privately leased for mining and cattle ranching and nearly one-third of the area is used as biological and chemical weapons testing grounds. The lake is rapidly