Holding onto Nothing (Fulton Sally L.)(Paperback)

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Sally L. Fulton invites you to enter intimately into her life as she shares the depth of her grief in the death of her husband, her mother, and her unborn daughter, and comes to terms with regret, finding peace through the writing of these poems. Her poetry of gratitude shows the reader, through clear and lyrical imagery how she discovers meaning and beauty in each moment. Her poetry of dissent reflects the suffering caused by self-interest and calls upon the reader to choose compassion while standing against ignorance and oppression and for social justice. Through the clear imagery of her poems, she illustrates the mystery of nature and reminds the reader of its fragility. The expressions of grief, dissent, gratitude, and illumination in this book leads us to a deeper understanding of the Buddhist principle of interbeing, that we are all a part of something greater that unifies us,