House of a Thousand Lies (Davis Cody Luke)(Pevná vazba)

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Perfect for fans of Julia Heaberlin's We Are All the Same in the Dark and Megan Collins's The Family Plot, Cody Luke Davis' debut psychological thriller brings a sinister serial-killer tale to life with hair-raising twists and chilling turns. How far will some families go to protect their legacy? Diana Wolf likes to think she has it all: a rock god husband, an empty nest, a wine cellar, and a dream home in the woods. Life is good. It has to be. But when she hires a cartographer, Kerry Perkins, to survey and map her estate in rural Tennessee, she pulls back a frayed corner of the lie that is her fairytale life. On his first night at Wolf Hollow, Kerry stumbles across a young girl's skeleton buried in the woods. But what really scares Diana is a familiar symbol carved into the girl's skull: two wolves. A week later, the cops are digging in