In Between Worlds: The Journey of the Famine Girls (Pierce Nicola)(Paperback)

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In 1849, the Thomas Arbuthnot set sail for Australia.Onboard were 194 Irish girls.I heard the emotion in Sarah's voice as she asked, 'Will we ever come back?''Come back where?''Home, ' said Sarah. 'Do you think we will ever see Ireland again?'Maggie and Sarah are on their way to Australia. Their homes and their lives have been devastated by famine, with death coming to so many. Even when they sought refuge in the workhouse they found horror and heartbreak there.When the girls are given the chance of a new life on the other side of the world, they know they have to say yes - no matter the price.On board ship, they are caught in between worlds. How will they find the courage and strength to build new lives in a strange