India Mahdavi (Mahdavi India)(Pevná vazba)

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India Mahdavi is the long-overdue first monograph on the world-renowned, award-winning, Paris-based interior designer. Revered for her unique sense of color, this is a complete retrospective of India Mahdavi's celebrated career. This gorgeous book includes her signature projects, such as the Gallery at Sketch of London and the Ladur e restaurants in Tokyo, Geneva, and Los Angeles. - Explores Mahdavi's commercial and residential projects- Features her custom furniture, lighting, and accessories- Her project at Sketch of London has been referred to as the most Instagrammed restaurant in the world Architect and designer India Mahdavi has been described as the grand dame of color. The colorful, tactile, and luxurious book exemplifies her unique aesthetic, as well as her love of bold shapes and sumptuous color. - India Mahdavi has created