Insight Guides USA on the Road (Travel Guide with Free Ebook) (Insight Guides)(Paperback)

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Insight Guide to USA On The Road is a pictorial travel guide in a magazine style providing answers to the key questions before or during your trip: deciding when to go to USA On The Road, choosing what to see, from exploring the Grand Canyon to discovering the Everglades or creating a travel plan to cover key places like the Big Sur, Yellowstone National Park. This is an ideal travel guide for travellers seeking inspiration, in-depth cultural and historical information about the USA as well as a great selection of places to see during your trip. This guide book has been fully updated post-COVID-19. The Insight Guide USA ON THE ROAD covers: The Atlantic Route; The Northern Route; The Central Route; The Southern Route; The Pacific Route. In this travel guide you will find: IN-DEPTH CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL FEATURES