Karmic Relationships 2: Esoteric Studies (Cw 236) (Steiner Rudolf)(Paperback)

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6 lectures, Torquay 12-21 Aug., London. Aug. 24-27 1924 (CW 240) During 1924, before his final address in September, Rudolf Steiner delivered more than eighty lectures on karma to members of the Anthroposophical Society. These profoundly esoteric lectures examine the underlying laws of reincarnation and karma, and explore in detail the incarnations of certain named historical figures. In Rudolf Steiner's words, the study of karma is "a matter of penetrating into the most profound mysteries of existence, for within the sphere of karma and the course it takes lie those processes which are the basis of the other phenomena of world existence." In this second volume of the "Karmic Relationships" series, Steiner considers individual karmic relationships in history--for example Marx and Engels--as well as surveying karma in human life, the shaping of