Leadership for Dummies (Marrin John)(Paperback)

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Do you find yourself being asked to lead others but have no ideawhere to start? Do you lead a team spread across different officesor even continents? In this no-nonsense guide to leadership youwill find answers to crucial questions like: what is leadership?And what style of leadership should I be using? You'll discover howto lead your friends whilst remaining their friend; how to leadchange in a way that people accept and understand; when and whereto draw the line; and how to reflect on your experiences to becomea better and more effective leader. Only a lucky few of us are natural born leaders. It takes timeand effort to develop a range of leadership styles which work foryou and those around you as well as discovering how to becomecomfortable leading others. Leadership can be a lonely occupation;Leadership For Dummies is your ideal companion. John Marrinexplores the fine line