Live Like a Roman: Discovering the Secrets of Ancient Rome (Saunders Claire)(Pevná vazba)

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LiveLike a Roman isa fascinating and informative journey back in time to find out what it wasreally like to live in Ancient Rome and the sprawling Roman Empire. Get ready to discover what it waslike to live in this epic era of mad, bad emperors, wealthy senators, fearsomegladiators, loyal citizens, struggling lower classes and enslaved workers. Withits highly structured and complicated society, life was a lavish and pamperedaffair for some and a harsh, beleaguered existence for others. Find out howthis powerful civilisation invaded and conquered a massive area, including morethan 50 million people at its peak! Amazing Roman inventions we still use todayare explored along with information on everyday jobs, city life, houses, food, transport, entertainment, religion and medicine. An in-depth map shows the spread