Live Smarter Now: 100 Simple Ways to Become Instantly Smarter (Weinstein Jacob Sager)(Paperback)

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Live Smarter Now easily guides readers through 100 quick tips to teach their brains to instantly grow, create, learn, plan, and reason better. Plus, built-in habit trackers on the book's inside jacket help you turn your favorite tips into lifelong habits. Decades of research shows that intelligence is not fixed, and indeed, humans have astonishing potential for intellectual growth. With a life-changing tip on every page, flip anywhere in this instant, browsable book to learn a new healthy skill. Backed by the latest scientific research and vetted by a professional psychologist, author Jacob Sager Weinstein provides a holistic program for creating a smarter life by focusing on five key aspects: - Grow smarter- Create smarter- Plan smarter- Do smarter- Reason smarter Some tips are one-time lessons to learn ("Distrust Small Samples"), while others