Ludwig Bemelmans Favorite Stories: Hansi, Rosebud and the Castle No. 9 (Bemelmans Ludwig)(Paperback)

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Lavish illustrations, enchanting settings, and winsome storytelling abound in these three tales by Ludwig Bemelmans, creator of the classic Madeline books. Long out of print, these stories are now available in a single-volume treasury that promises to delight young readers.Hansi recounts a winter holiday in the Alps, in which a city boy travels by horse-drawn carriage to Uncle Herman's house. Hansi helps feed deer in the deep forest, attempts to teach a dachshund to ski, and celebrates Christmas at a candlelight service.Rosebud, based on an African folk tale, depicts a triumph of brain over brawn. A crafty rabbit sets out to prove that he's smarter than the intellectuals of the animal kingdom, the whale and the elephant.The Castle No. Nine offers a humorous portrayal of a faithful servant and his madcap master. In the little Austrian town of Melk,