Mahabharata: The Greatest Spiritual Epic of All Time (Dharma Krishna)(Pevná vazba)

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As the divinely beautiful Draupadi rose from the fire, a voice rang out from the heavens foretelling a terrible destiny. "She will cause the destruction of countless warriors." And so begins one of the most fabulous stories of all time. Mahabharata plunges us into a wondrous and ancient world of romance and adventure. In this exciting new rendition of the renowned classic, Krishna Dharma condenses the epic into a fast-paced novel that fully retains the majestic mood of the original. A powerful and moving tale, it recounts the history of the five heroic Pandava brothers and their celestial wife. Cheated of their kingdom and sent into exile by their envious cousins, they set off on a fascinating journey in which they encounter mystical sages, mighty kings, and a host of gods and demons. Profound spiritual themes underline the enthralling narrative, making it one of the world's most