Manipulation: Techniques in Dark Psychology, Influencing People with Persuasion, NLP, and Mind Control (Benedict Edward)(Paperback)

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If learning the nuances of using mind control and nerve pathways to achieve the ultimate goal of success in life is something you want for yourself, then this is the book to read.Manipulation is not necessarily a bad thing. Manipulation can be used for great good, and both the good and bad methods will be discussed in this book. We will see ways to use manipulation to get those things that are desired in life, particularly goals that lead to a lifetime of success and successful living. We will see ways to create new pathways in the mind that will lead to the elimination of negative thoughts that are detrimental to the achievement of success. No discussion of mind control and manipulation would be complete without a discussion of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is used by many professionals and others to teach people different ways to properly program the mind to