Metaphor, Ritual, and Order in John 12-13: Judas and the Prince (Klutz Todd E.)(Pevná vazba)

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This book offers new interpretative insight into the Gospel of John, applying a combination of critical discourse analysis, conceptual metaphor theory, and anthropological theories of ritual. Specifically it explores the meaning of the statement "Now the ruler of this world will be driven out" in John 12:31 and defends a widely overlooked alternative reading. The author proposes a prophecy-fulfilment scheme whereby this predictive utterance by Jesus is subsequently implied as fulfilled in the departure of the satanically-possessed Judas from the circle of Jesus' disciples at the Last Supper in John 13:30. Addressing several major strands relating to purity, exorcism, and group identity, the analysis provides an important entry-point for a fresh examination of the Fourth Gospel as a whole. The book represents a significant contribution to Johannine scholarship and to New Testament