Montessori Winter Workbook: A Montessori Workbook For Pre-School And Kindergarten. Learn Maths, Alphabet, Numbers, Objects, Animals And Shapes. Al (Davis Lisa)(Paperback)

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Have you ever heard of the Montessori method?Do you want your child to learn about colors, animals, numbers, and more while having fun?Here is the workbook you are looking for. A workbook for pre-school and kindergarten (3-5 years). Full of Montessori-friendly activities and worksheets, this exercise book is great fun for little ones! ✔ No previous Montessori experience required!✔ Realistic pictures have been used instead of cartoons, to promote learning about the beauty of the real world✔ Full and bright colors to attract and engage young learners✔ The workbook covers all areas of learning: language, maths, practical life, science, and sensory.✔ Large format 8.5x11".✔ 180 pages with 25 different types of