Neil Sedaka Rock 'n' Roll Survivor: The Inside Story of His Incredible Comeback (Podolsky Rich)(Paperback)

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"When 'Laughter In The Rain, ' 'Bad Blood, ' and 'Love Will Keep Us Together' all reached number one in 1975, they said, 'Sedaka's back.' It was a thrilling ride for me that signaled the end of a long, hard climb back to the top. I want to thank Rich Podolsky for accurately capturing those years in this wonderful book." Neil Sedaka"A fascinating book on a fascinating subject. I couldn't wait for the next chapter. Not only is Neil Sedaka an outstanding songwriter and artist, he has lived an astonishing life. This is better than fiction. You couldn't make this up." Music historian and broadcaster Paul GambacciniFrom 1958 to 1963, Neil Sedaka sold 25 million records--more than anyone except Elvis Presley. He thought he could do no wrong, but a year later he was all but off the charts, swept away by The Beatles and the British Invasion--a blow he never saw