Phytoplasma Diseases of Major Crops, Trees, and Weeds (Tiwari A. K.)(Paperback)

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Phytoplasma Diseases of Major Crops, Trees, and Weeds is the second volume in a three-volume series dedicated to the analysis of plant pathogenic phytoplasmas across Asia. With a close look into the different types of plants affected by phytoplasma, the book offers management strategies to develop resistant plant strains. Phytoplasma diseases pose serious economic losses in many Asian countries, for which there is very little awareness within society. The chapters in Volume 2 comprehensively review predominant plant species and how they are impacted by phytoplasma diseases, providing information on host-pathogen interaction, characterization, and genetic diversity. The Phytoplasma Diseases in Asian Countries series will be an essential read for students, researchers and agriculturalists interested in plant pathology. Volume 2 will be of particular interest