Plant-Based Slow Cooker Cookbook: 100 Whole-Food Recipes Made Simple (Slattery Felicia)(Paperback)

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Easy, nourishing, plant-based recipes for the slow cooker Slow cookers hold the key to creating healthy, plant-based meals that are affordable, flavorful, and practically effortless. This plant-based cookbook is packed with slow-cooker recipes for tender, hearty whole-food dishes to serve up even on the busiest days. Brush up on the basics of the three most common plant-based diets and the fundamentals of slow cooking before diving into recipes for breakfasts, soups, entr es, desserts, and more--no kitchen experience required.Simplify life with a plant-based cookbook that includes: Quick prep--Discover a variety of hands-off options that only take a few steps of prep before the slow cooker finishes the work. Flexible flavors--Explore recipes that are full of flavor without oil or refined sugar and