Plant Ionomics: Sensing, Signaling and Regulation (Singh Vijay Pratap)(Pevná vazba)

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Plant Ionomics A thoroughly up-to-date exploration of nutrient uptake in plants In Plant Ionomics: Sensing, Signaling and Regulation, accomplished botanists and researchers Dr. Vijay Singh and Dr. Manzer Siddiqui deliver an up-to-date discussion on the sensing, signaling, and regulation of nutrient uptake in plants under a variety of conditions. The book offers an accessible and easy-to-use reference for researchers with an interest in plant ionomics, combining the latest research from leading laboratories around the globe. The authors provide coverage of a variety of critical topics, including plant and soil nutrient stoichiometry, nutrient management and stress tolerance in crops, and the relationship between agricultural production and nutrient applications. Readers will also find: A thorough introduction to nutrient regulation and abiotic