Poetry in the Pandemic (Borowitz Larry)(Paperback)

Do obchodu

As the COVID-19 virus took hold of the world in 2020, its impact, and humanity's attempt to slow and stop its deadly course, were broadcast to all four corners of the globe. From South Africa, Larry Borowitz keenly observed the effect of the virus on a local and global scale. Poetry in the Pandemic is his memoir in the form of an anthology of poems written over the course of the first year of the Pandemic. Its broad range of themes displays a remarkable insight into how the virus held sway and the response from the public, leadership and different sectors of society in this time of crisis. Larry's impressive grasp of numerous subjects and easy-to-read lyrical style combine to create poetry that touches the soul and stimulates the mind. With its universal appeal and relevance, Larry's first, yet definitive published work, will resonate with readers the world