Pollinators and Pollination: Nature and Society (Ollerton Jeff)(Paperback)

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'Fascinating, entertaining, and thought-provoking.' - Professor Dave Goulson, author of A Sting in the Tale, Bee Quest, A Buzz in the Meadow and The Garden Jungle A unique and personal insight into the ecology and evolution of pollinators, their relationships with flowers, and their conservation in a rapidly changing world. The pollination of flowers by insects, birds and other animals is a fundamentally important ecological function that supports both the natural world and human society. Without pollinators to facilitate the sexual reproduction of plants, the world would be a biologically poorer place in which to live, there would be an impact on food security, and human health would suffer. Written by one of the world's leading pollination ecologists, this book provides an introduction to what pollinators are, how their interactions with flowers have evolved, and the fundamental