Recolonizing Africa: An Ethnography of Land Acquisition, Mining, and Resource Control (Mniga Mariam)(Paperback)

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Explaining how the legacy of colonialism and the nature of the liberal economy play a significant role in the development of Africa today, keeping Africa poor and dependent, this book explains how trade liberalization, deregulation, and privatization had opened doors for the new scramble for Africa.Green technology and the high demand for electronics have intensified Africa's role as a supplier of raw materials, natural resources, cheap labor, as a large market of more than one billion people in the global economy. This unique ethnographic study, with elements of autoethnography, starts with the author's journey to Bulyanhulu, Tanzania, one of the largest gold mines in Africa and moves to a broader analysis that reveals the systemic violence of resource extraction. Focus groups, interviews, and observations demonstrate the lack of distributive justice and intersectional