Reinventing the Organization: How Companies Can Deliver Radically Greater Value in Fast-Changing Markets (Yeung Arthur)(Pevná vazba)

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Based on in-depth, inside experience at Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei, DiDi, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Supercell, two experts on organization and leadership reveal what some of the most innovative organizational models in the world really look like and how they work, and provide leaders with the frameworks and tools for reinventing their organizations.Shows leaders how to create customer-centric, innovative, and agile organizations for rapid response to environmental trends and strategic disruptions.Integrates work from leading Chinese and US firms to show the global nature of this new organizational form.Synthesizes and advances diverse literature that talk about the new organization form for today's work.Provides a six-step framework for building a new organization and gives a road map--a set of guidelines and actions--for getting there.Focuses on what