Remi in Overdrive: A Story about Making the Best Choice, Even When It's Not Fun (Bartley Ashley)(Paperback)

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Remi is one manic squirrel! Scampering here and scampering there, he's a fluffball of constant motion. Whether he's at home, in school, or out on the town, Remi never stays in one place. Even his thoughts come and go at a wildly rapid pace. With too much energy and too little focus, Remi finds himself in all kinds of trouble. School assignments go missing because his backpack and desk are messy, bottomless blackholes. Some homework never gets done because his tablet and TV prove too tempting. My desk is a mess, my cubby's a wreck and my backpack's a giant black hole.It's swallowing snacks, pencils, and papers, like a vortex that's totally out of control! Even the class field trip nearly ends in disaster when Remi has a run-in with an exhibit made out of glass! Will Remi ever be able to calm his mind and his body long enough to get