Rescued and Redeemed - How to Discern Demons from the Divine (Beekmann Sharon)(Paperback / softback)

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Sharon Beekmann believed that the spiritual realm was a safe place to explore. But the spirits she contacted eventually controlled and attacked her. While in the demonic nightmare, God revealed himself, and later, Jesus Christ rescued and redeemed her. Her testimony is a powerful witness to the gospel and a useful resource for anyone oppressed by spiritual evil. In Rescued and Redeemed, Beekmann shares that Christians should be: Educated about the demonic realm Inspired by the power of Christ Equipped to help others Evil need not deceive and control us. Numerous people in the West are searching for meaningful spiritual experience by contacting "angels" and "spirit guides." Sharon Beekmann's story tragically illustrates that not all spirits have our best interest in mind. Dr. Clinton E. Arnold