Reworking the Workplace: Connecting People, Purpose and Place (Gillen Nicola)(Pevná vazba)

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The office has changed forever. Emerging from the pandemic, the workplace has undergone its greatest disruption since the dawn of the service economy. Covid has rewritten the rule book about how, when, where and even why we work. How can investors, developers, designers, operators and users of office buildings navigate this new climate of uncertainty to create successful places to work in the future? Reworking the Workplace delves into this changing landscape. Divided into three sections - People, Purpose and Place - it identifies the emerging trends in the reworking of work culture and offers insights into innovations and ideas that will inform the workplace of tomorrow. In doing so, it recognises the enduring importance of physical place for meaningful human connection and explores how this must be refocussed in an increasingly virtual world. Featuring over 50