Sanchin Three Battles: The Anatomy and Physiology of Sanchin Kata (Pervez B. Mistry)(Paperback)

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SANCHIN is one of the most powerful Karate Katas. Literally "Three Battles," represents the strenuous unification of mind, spirit, and body.Rather than a how-to guide, SANCHIN Three Battles delves into the origin, purpose, and benefit of this ancient form, which has a history spanning more than five hundred years. Pervez Mistry, a Hachi-dan black belt Goju-Ryu practitioner, brings his extensive training and practice to bear on the proven positive physiological effects seen with regular practice.Offering techniques and advice to improve performance, this valuable book for both Karate practitioners and their instructors presents a thorough discussion of the fighting techniques that account for the kata's long and illustrious history and reveals how proper posture and breathing learned through Sanchin, result in health and