Sins Against Science: How Misinformation Affects Our Lives and Laws (Nath Judi)(Paperback)

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Misinformation has had dramatic and dangerous effects, as evidenced by numerous events of the late 2010s and early 2020s. Reading a steady stream of misinformation leads to distrust, potentially leading to conflict in one's family and workplace, and even to civil unrest. At the heart of many such matters is scientific illiteracy. Many enjoy a life of ease and convenience because of science--and since science also crosses courtrooms, classrooms and cultures--it has great potential to debunk misinformation and untangle the confusion surrounding culturally relevant issues (including vaccines, sexual identity, race and evolution, alternative medicine, and human reproduction, among others. This work addresses those issues and relevant popular stories, conspiracies, and misleading headlines that circulate across media platforms. Bringing accurate scientific knowledge into people's agendas is