Sketch Like No One Is Watching: A Beginner's Guide to Conquering the Blank Page (Egan Molly)(Paperback)

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Drawing can improve your mood, release endorphins and make you happy - but for many, the fear of the blank page, combined with a lack of confidence and know-how, can be daunting.In her new book, Molly Egan encourages you to sketch like no one is watching! Once you stop caring what people think - just like when you were a child - your creativity will flow. Filled with drawing prompts and tutorials, Molly will help you to unleash your creativity and embrace your own unique style. Build your skills by revisiting the basics, such as shape, perspective and pattern, then learn how to draw from photographs and from real life, sketching people, nature, buildings, landscapes and more.Small enough to put in your bag, yet big enough to make impactful art, this fun title will reignite your passion for being