Soul of Berlin: A Guide to 30 Exceptional Experiences (Jonglez Thomas)(Paperback)

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We tried 1,000 places. And included only the 30 best. 30 unforgettable experiences that capture the soul of Berlin. Going dancing at the world's smallest nightclub, an exquisite Asian art collection in a bunker, a cinema from the 1930s with a live orchestra, the best pizza in Berlin (and it's not the one you think), an ice-cream shop where they make the cones right in front of you, an exceptional culinary experience, going kayaking in Berlin while feeling like you're in Venice, the loveliest cycling routes and most beautiful beaches, the city's best clubs if you get turned away from Berghain ... The 'Soul of' collection is a new approach to the art of traveling that's all about vagabonding around town, chance encounters, and unforgettable experiences. Guides for those who want to unlock the hidden doors of a city, feel out its heartbeat, plumb every last nook and cranny to uncover its