Steeped: Adventures of a Tea Entrepreneur (Eddy Brook)(Pevná vazba)

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Isolated, broke, and restless in a drafty mountain A-frame with colicky twins, Brook Eddy needed a path out. This is the story of one woman's passionate spirit and how it transformed despair into entrepreneurial success. STEEPED: Adventures Of A Tea Entrepreneur is the story of how Brook built a socially conscious multimillion-dollar tea company with a fierce devotion to sustainability. Part business memoir, part India travelogue, STEEPED is brimming with provocative prose, transcendent images of travel throughout India, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, idealists, and travelers. From forearms slashed with scalding burns to the unseen sting of stress, depression, and near bankruptcy, Brook's story is one of love, loss, and unrelenting resilience. STEEPED is a testament that while you don't need an