Stoicism: A Philosophical Guide to Life - Including DIY-Exercises on Practical Stoicism for the Realization of Life's Actions (Green Robert)(Paperback)

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Do you want to rise upon the shoulders of the stoic titans and discover the stoic chain to action for a better life? Then keep reading. Are you seeking for a way to overcome the challenges life throws at you?Do you want to live up to your best self?Do you want to overcome your inner critic to find joy and strengths?Questions like these have always been at the center of mankind's attention, yet our traditional schooling systems don't address them well enough.But this is exactly what the ancient schools of thought were about. They thought their students how to live a good life. And they conveyed their wisdom in highly practical ways. Unfortunately, our modern society has lost this wisdom although the necessity has never been bigger.In this practical guide, you will discover how to overcome life's challenges and